Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration

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Volunteer Details

An OLCC Service Permit is not required to participate as a Volunteer Server at the Spring Beer & Wine Fest.

Volunteers must refrain from drinking any alcoholic beverages at least 4 hours before the start of their shift. Volunteers are not permitted to any drink alcoholic beverages during their shift

Volunteers receive Friday and Saturday Admission, 10 beer tokens, this year’s festival mug and a Festival T-Shirt.

Saturday Volunteers can pick up their Admission wrist band, tokens, and mug on Friday.

We also have an after party for our volunteers on the last shift on Friday and Saturday.

Volunteer Registration 

Email for Questions about Volunteering at the Portland Spring Beer and Wine Fest

If you would like to email Jenn McPoland the Portland Spring Beer and Wine Festival Volunteer Coordinator you can reach Jenn at this email address here —  Volunteers@SpringBeerFest.com